Joane Monsanto

Hamilton ​Doula

Hamilton, South Lanarkshire

Maternity Nurse, Doula ​and

advance Complex Care ​Practitioner

Did you recently welcome a new baby into your household?

It’s not too late for the support! ​Postpartum Doula and Maternity ​Nurse are available to get you the ​help you need right now.

Don’t wait just to figure it out—​actively choose to get the help you ​need to make things better. You ​deserve it!

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Hi families! I am Joane, registered Social Service and Healthcare ​worker in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. I am UK-qualified and ​experienced Childcare Professional (0-8 years old since 1997). I ​worked as a Private Maternity Nurse, Birth/Postnatal Doula and ​Childcare Practitioner. I have 2 decades of experience working in ​postpartum care and newborn care for singletons and twins and also a ​continuity of care.

With years of experience, I gained my confidence and knowledge ​working with different clients and colleagues in different parts of the ​world, learning and respecting their cultures in raising their little ​bundle of joy.

Please feel free to get in touch if you need help with your little ones, ​even if you just want to catch up for date night or a good night's sleep ​to feel brand new again.

Thank you for looking at my Profile. Looking forward to hearing from ​you.

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  • Registered Social Servi​ce and Healthcare Work​er
  • Child Psycholog​ist
  • Primary Care Nur​se
  • Birth and Postpartum Do​ula
  • Confinement L​ady
  • Maternity Nu​rse
  • Childcare and Educat​ion
  • Maternity Support Wor​ker
  • Newborn care Speciali​st
  • Postnatal care Practitio​ner
  • Nutrition Practition​er
  • Breastfeeding Peer Supp​ort
  • Complex Car​e
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  • 3 day Welcome home package
  • Postpartum care
  • Postnatal Care/ General ​Newborn Care Singleton/Twin
  • Continuity of Care till Nursery ​age
  • Childcare (babysitting, day/ni​ght nannying, proxy parentin​g)
  • Breastfeeding Supp​ort
  • Reflux and early allergy supp​ort
  • Children's Health and Gro​wth Development Supp​ort
  • Weaning Guidance (Nutrit​ion and Hydrati​on)
  • Establishing Routine Guida​nce
  • Sleep Training Suppor​t
  • Post circumcision ca​re
  • Complex C​are
  • Medicine Administrat​ion Technique Speciali​s​t​

Mother And Newborn In Hospital

Add a Welcome Home Package for only £1250

There’s a saying that “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something new.” With this real-life experience, I meticulously researched and planned this exclusive 3-day service package to welcome home and ensure Mum gets the essential rest after delivery. At the same time, little one's needs are professionally taken care of, around the clock.

Service includes:

Batch cooking of Mother’s healthy postnatal healing foods and galactagogue/breastfeeding-friendly foods, offering herbal teas and water, assisting with sitz bath. To help mom feel relaxed, rejuvenate physically and mentally.

This service also includes Nursery duties such as tidying up the nursery room, baby laundry, and guiding parents about newborn care that will benefit them in the long run, such as breastfeeding/bottle feeding, bathing, changing nappies-dealing with nappy rash, safe sleeping, baby carrier use, dressing baby, skincare, establishing a routine, baby activities - its benefits and many more practical skills to help parents/mom feel confident as well.

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